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So this is how my dead website gets revived…

Hi my spooky loves! Here’s how it goes:

  1. COMMENTS MEAN NOTHING. I will probably turn them off on each current contest, and turn them on when it’s done.
  2. To enter, post a video containing the correct answer (duet, stitch, or not!) with the hashtag specified in the current contest. It will be some iteration of #SPOOKYMOON1 or 2…
  3. There will be two winners:
    The FIRST correct answer gets a shoutout and @ in the next post.
    The MOST CREATIVE correct answer gets the above, plus a handmade Halloween greeting or post card, chosen at random by me.
  4. Each contest 2 days (-1 hour) from posting, unless stated otherwise in the video. If you missed one, just go to my TikTok page and find the current one!

I have a bunch of these that I’ve made over the years, and I plan to keep going until they’re all gone.

Spooky cards!

Yeah, I know some of them are granny. But SPOOKY granny!

Happy haunting!