The Wooden Tarot


The Wooden Tarot is not made of wood. Andrew L. Swartz originally painted them on wood, and thus the name.

Swartz uses images from nature to illustrate his 78-card deck. The style is lovely and warm, contrasting with the darkness of the subject matter.

The Devil

The Wooden Tarot is one of a trilogy of decks available on Etsy (where you can get a few other goodies) and his website, Skullgarden.

I have always loved the art of the tarot. I used to read when I was younger, and was considered quite accurate. I believe it was much the same as the man who had a reputation for reading palms. A skeptic convinced him to spend one week telling his clients the opposite of what he saw in the lines. He found that he was just as accurate.  Woo notwithstanding, I am still enchanted with the idea of 78 little paintings, guided (or often not) by a traditional framework of ideas.

James R. Eads actually has two lovely tarot decks out, Prisma Visions and Light Visions.  Both were funded via Kickstarter, and you can see more of the cards at the campaign pages.  The paintings for the cards were done on a large scale, so the finished project is full of exquisite detail. The lower arcana are borderless, as they flow together.

I wanted to do one big art tarot post, but, like dolls, I ended up with too much stuff. So I’ll be posting decks that are on my wishlist from time to time.