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Witch Display

The first of my indoor displays is up. It’s been out for a month, but was sitting on the table, higgledy-piggledy.  I repainted two of the witches so they looked more like sisters than clones. Now the middle one looks unfinished, so it will probably get new paint some time later. I did some alteration, mostly on the witch on the right. She had no colors in her outfit, so she got green trim and accessories.

The cauldron is a fish bowl. I added a layer of tissue for texture, glued on critters, and painted the whole thing with iron patina.  The best thing is that it’s glass, and the tissue doesn’t totally cover it, so you get this when it’s lit:

There are three of these lights in the cauldron, set to strobe at different speeds, so I get a fire effect.  There is also a fire & ice light aimed at the whole thing.

This is cheering me on a gloomy, dark day: