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Pop art by day, luminary by night!

I love this thing. I had a couple of false starts, but the project was a lot of fun. Easy, too, if you have the right tools.  Seriously, I wouldn’t have attempted this without a Dremel and a flex-shaft attachment.

  1. Cut a large hole in the bottom of the pumpkin, so you can place it over lights.  I use electric tea lights, because the smell of burning foam gives me an awful headache.
  2. Mark out your grid. I used a measuring tape to get the lines where I wanted them.
  3. Punch out holes with your Dremel.  Wear gear! Foam dust goes everywhere, no lie. My dust mask was AWOL, so I had to use a bandana.  Call me Dremel Bandito.
  4. Give it a few coats of white paint until you’re happy with the finish.  I used Ceramcoat Oyster White.
  5. Next, a coat of pearl. I used a pearl glaze by Making Memories.
  6. Once everything is dry, play connect-the-dots with a sharpie.  I originally started with black paint, but I just couldn’t get enough control on the uneven surface.  That part of the project will be forever known as The Back of The Pumpkin.
  7. Paint the stem black. Always paint the stem last, so you can use it to hold the pumpkin.
  8. All pretty!

I have one more craft pumpkin, a tall black one. I want to use the Dremel again, but this time I want to actually move it around and carve something, instead of just punching holes like a weenie.

Here is the video that got me started:

Have fun!

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Too Cute to Spook

I don’t know why it took me so long to pick up card making. I think it didn’t catch my interest until my friend Marj got me started. Suddenly, I had something to do with all that paper I couldn’t stop collecting. In fact, I have a deep, abiding love for most paper-crafting supplies, and making cards is a fun way to use a bit of everything, and the recipient loves it. Or if they don’t, they certainly don’t tell you to your face. This little card is getting filled with LTCs and sent off to a friend who is definitely too cute to spook.

In other news, for the next month, you will see a little link on the right that says I’m a cryptkeeper.  That’s because Halloween Blogs does an awesome Countdown to Halloween, and participating ‘cryptkeepers’ post every day during October. Since I was already doing that, naturally I jumped on board.  I can’t wait to get a look at the other blogs on the list!

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I brought home two craft pumpkins, one black and one orange. I’d never worked with these, and wanted to do something other than just carving a face in the front. I asked myself, what do I have a ton of? Two things: big rhinestones and purple iridescent pony beads. Don’t know if I’ll use the beads yet, but here are the rhinestones, shimmering against a pretty black background. The best deal and the nicest colors came from Target, oddly enough, so that’s where I bought my pumpkins. Sadly, they were out of white. I kinda want white, so I may just paint the other one.

Things I learned: super glue doesn’t work that well. It doesn’t fill gaps, and it damages the pumpkin. I used a glue gun, but man, I need to find out if there’s such a thing as low-string glue for it. The glue strings were insane. I’d say I learned that I can’t measure, but I knew that already. My method: measure twice, cut once, get it wrong anyway, try again, hang head, learn to accept the beauty of asymmetry.

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Finally, here’s a video on how to look like a Gothic Lolita doll. Creepy and cool.

Tiny Tombstones

I had a couple of old, primitively-sculpted sprigs from several years ago that I was itching to use, though I think the text stamped one is my favorite.  Polyclay, about 2″ tall.  I’m just in love with these. They will make a fine tiny cemetery.

Sorting Rhinestones

For my next project, I took out my large peanut-butter jar full of silvery rhinestones.  At first I thought: ‘oh, they’re all scratched and shabby from sitting in a jar for a couple years.’  Then I thought: ‘cooool.’ To facilitate proper planning, I naturally had to sort them by shape, take a rough count, and put them neatly into separate Ziplocs.  I felt a bit like a dragon, with my sparkling loot.