All posts for the month March, 2018

Creature Carvings doesn’t have hundreds of items, but what they do have is beautifully done.

Vampire Bat Candle, $12.50

Katya takes her original carvings and turns them into lovely candles, perfectly priced for gifts.  I think the Spousal Unit needs one of these.

Cthulhu Candle, $33.00

While I have several favorites, this one truly makes me smile.  Noooo! Don’t burn my head!

Scared Candle, $11.50

I can never resist a good JoL. Note the holiday-appropriate price.

Black Jack-o-Lantern, $13.00.

My Soul Design

I’ve linked My Soul Design from the facebook page, but I thought it was worth a full post here as well.

Black and Gold Bird Pendant, $381.23

Natalia Lubieniecka creates astonishing spiders, beetles, and many other critters at her studio in Vienna, Austria.

Vintage casket with Spider, $317.48

The sculptures are created with vintage fabric, beads, and semi-precious stones.

Black Cicada Brooch, $381.23

Definitely something I’d love to wear. Despite (or maybe because of) the screams.

Black Spider Bracelet, $189.98