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Treat Bags!

It’s the day before Halloween, so it’s time to assemble treat bags. Had the Spousal Unit hide the candy until I needed it. So I ate, um, less of it.

Not much to these, just stickers and candy stapled to a strip of paper, staple it closed, then put stuff on the outside. Swear repeatedly when stuff refuses to stick.

Treat Bags

I recently sent off a set of cards for an Edward Gorey swap. The stamp is hand-carved from artwork by Gorey for a book by Wilkie Collins. I thought the artwork was wonderfully gothic and moody, as so much of Gorey’s work is, and I tried to evoke that moodiness with my treatment.  I used double-embossing on this card, but it’s a very subtle example of the technique. If you’d like to see more, I made a video about it last year.


So I was going to revive Spooky Moon. Then I wasn’t. Then I had insomnia on September 30. It seemed to be an opportunity.

I’ve imported last year’s Halloween stuff from frytopia. This year, you’ll get to see me build a Dark Carnival, and work on other spooky (and maybe not so spooky) things.

Here’s to being a little creepy all year long.