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This Sunday, I have my monthly meeting with the local haunters group. It’s supposed to be the last meeting before the haunt season begins, but I think we’re already there. My social media is starting to flood with prop-building posts. The Halloween boards are already full of “when do you start decorating?”

My Halloween will be small-scale this year. We will likely be in the middle of moving house, so I’m hardly going to build for a yard I’ve never seen. I do plan on making things for a Month of Spookdays. I’ve been doing a lot of portraits lately for a sekrit project. Perhaps for October I will paint something monstrous.

I kinda want to try this. Via Art of Darkness.

Scorpion Pie from Eat the Dead. Possibly also via Art of Darkness? Don’t remember, and didn’t put it in the right folder.

Hallmark Keepsake ornaments for 2018

Magma Mandrake Specimen Box from Burned Raven Tales. They also have curio boxes, which is a wonderful concept. I may have to make one.

Miss Havisham’s Curiosities carries all sorts of unusual teacups. I encourage a browse.

It is a fine, cool morning here in Maryland, and promises to be a fine, hot day later. I am not a Halloweeniac who eschews summer. Summer is a time of anticipation. If we had Halloween year round, it would become ordinary. For me, Halloween prep starts in August. Just a few short days away!

I don’t normally go for playing cards, but I couldn’t resist pitching in on this Kickstarter:

The Halloween Deck

A couple of coins popped up this week. I wish the bat coin weren’t $100!

$20 bat coin for just under $100 US. Wait, wat?

Lovecraftian R’lyeh Coin. Via Propnomicon

Why didn’t I know about this? The first book by a favorite author. *grabby paws*

The Dark Exact is the shop of Coleman Stevenson, a Portland, Oregon based artist.

The Dark Exact Tarot, $38

I dig her style, and am itching to add her Tarot to the collection. The shop has a few different augury kits, plus scents, and other odds and ends.

Pin Divination Set, $22

And how cool is a matchbox ritual kit? That’s a stocking stuffer for all your witchy friends.

Ritual Kit, $10