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Traditions carries vintage-style decorations for all the major holidays, and they do an especially good job with Halloween. Want something a little spooky for your Christmas tree? Traditions has a lovely section of ornaments and tree-toppers. Even trees!  I’m keeping this one bookmarked.

Sassy Cat Tree Topper, $6.99


Pumpkins in a Circle Tree Skirt, $39.99

Black Raven Ornament, $23.99

Mysterious Bat Ornament, $18.99

Beethoven’s birthday should be a holiday. I’m baking a cake. I encourage you to eat cake, as well, as you enjoy this week’s links:

Insainment uploads old horror mags, like this issue of World of Horror from 1972. You may need a free account. Issuu is cool.

Pushin’ Daisies Mortuary Novelty Shop. You can get a hearse stick pin, too.

 Some very nice cinematic horror music from Christ Haigh

An “all things spooky” site that looks like a Web Wraith, but is actually current.

Short n Scary Stories

The folks from the movie Haunters find off-season spooky things for you to do.


The weather here is cold and bright, and I have been spending most of my days outdoors. Why, you ask? Do you love the cold? Not so much, though it’s not a big deal. What l absolutely love, adore, am over-the-moon about, is the lack of mosquitoes. Every time I think about going outside in the summer, I have to consider how much I want to spray myself with horrible-smelling crap from head to toe. Because if I don’t, I attract every f*ing skeeter in three counties. So yes, the mosquitoes are dead, and I am celebrating by exploring parks and hunting Pokemon.

Enjoy the links. By the time you read this, I’ll be stealing someone’s gym.

Matthew Kirscht

Kris Miners makes adorable cards and pins, many of them Halloween themed.

Halloween Show at Boardwalk Empire next May. Road Trip!

Underworld Tales brings you spooky stories.

Sinister Visions. A design firm that understands you.

Killer Pumpkins, the art of John Pelico

Gothic Revival sources gently used clothes dark dressers.

Omulamps does Beetlejuice. They also have a Hellraiser lamp.

I found this Bone Forest Gifts while I was hunting around for Christmas hints for the Spousal Unit. I refuse to come up with a specific wishlist, but I’m happy to point him to a couple shops. This one is in Russia, so I doubt it could ship in time. Maybe for my birthday?

Marianne says the people in town call her the forest witch. I’m sure they mean it in a good way.

Octopus-man Skull Pendant. $60

Monk Skull Spider Set. $55

Crescent Moon. $45

But not forever!

Unlike some Halloweeniacs, I also like Christmas. Not as much, but a lot. So it’s finally time for Halloween (or, well, most of it) to go into storage until next year. Before it goes away, here’s a little photographic tour of the house.  Sorry some of the pics are crap. I think I need to clean my lens.

This shelf normally holds a lot of creepy collectibles, anyway. It’s just more festive now.

To the left of that shelf is the entryway. I’d already taken down the stuff in the foyer, but here is one of the several banners. I like banners.

In front of the parlor shelf lives the collection of ash globes. They are sitting on a favorite Target item this year: the ouija board tray.

For the south wall of the parlor, it’s neon and skulls. There’s always a pile of skulls that grows every year. The LED neon was also from Target this year. Love. It.

Entering the dining room is another banner. I made this one a few years ago.

Hutch #1. The vampire hunting kit is part of my normal decor. Because of course it is.

The witches were one of the first things I put up. I repainted two of their faces. They’re new this year, and I’m over the moon with them.

Here they are under cover of darkness.

The view as you enter the family room. This is where I put all the collectibles and kitsch. Yep, that’s a new Stranger Things ouija board.

I like Halloween pillows. There are more in the parlor, but I didn’t get a good picture. Please ignore the cat hair. They like pillows, too.

Hutch #2. I ended up with some Halloween Village stuff from an estate sale. I think this could become addicting.


Closer look at the village.

There were other odds and ends about, but this was the bulk of it. Next, Christmas Atheist gets busy.