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I just had to make one more diorama.

Tiny haunted house with a creepy tree by the moonlight.

It took a lot longer than I expected it to. Like, a lot. Every day I’d wake up and think, today, I’ll finish! And I did not finish.

Tiny haunted house with lights in the windows.

I learned a lot, though. I bought a soldering kit, and soldered something, and it worked! I made my first wire tree, and was pretty pleased with the result.

Closeup of tiny haunted house with lights in the windows.

Overall, I like it, though it has too many flaws to put it in the shop. I shall happily keep it around as part of my collection. Maybe someday I’ll give it to a friend.

We had 89 trick-or-treaters! We’ve lived here three years, and the number has steadily gone up. Might have something to do with the giant (20 feet!) cat in our front yard. We’ve become so known for him, I decided I’d better get a spare before they’re no longer available. It’s this guy, if you’re wondering. He’s $50 less on Amazon, but Fraser Hill is the source.

He’s a pain to deflate for windstorms and such because his legs tangle on the re-inflate, but we had to do it last night, because those last seven ToTs ignored the closed garage and the dark porch, marched themselves right past the recycle bin blocking the path, and came to our door. Yeah, we gave ’em candy. Then we deflated the yard.

A yard full of deflated inflatables.

So apparently it’s NoBloPoMo? Which I guess is November Blog Post Month, or something. NaNoWriMo has much to answer for. Well guys, I just posted for 30 days straight, so I’m not sure you’re gonna get every day for November. But the car is still in the shop, so I suppose I have to fill my time somehow.

And there’s Hallowvember to consider, right?