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Skull Props

Zane Wylie likes to carve skulls. Human skulls. Then he’ll kindly let you buy a very nice copy. Yes, they’re a little spendy for casual shopping, but great for a very special occasion.  Like, say, a 15th anniversary? Hint hint to the Spousal Unit?

My Secret Pumpkin spoiled the hell outta me. It felt like my birthday as I unwrapped all the beautiful presents. They are really tuned into my taste. Some of this is stuff I’ve wanted, but not bought because I wasn’t going to get one more Halloween thing that year. And despite being completely my taste, I don’t already have any of it. Which, yeah, shouldn’t be a surprise, but it is. Heh. Don’t judge. I specifically remember seeing that snowglobe and whimpering a little as I passed it up. So this is amazing, and I am giddy.  Thank you, SP!