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And Dolls

Dmitry Cherkashin of Moscow is the proprietor of And Dolls, where he sells many things, but mostly Matryoshka.

Halloween Matryoshka, $53.95

Shadow Matryoshka, $47.95

Because he’s in Russia, getting dolls before Halloween would be a close thing. But we all need to be thinking about Christmas, right?

Crazy Matryoshka, $49

Screaming Matryoshka, $52.95

If you’d like to see what he’s up to currently, check out his Instagram.

Cat Matryoshka, $53.85


If you’ve never watched an art documentary by Waldemar Januszczak, I highly recommend them. Especially his series on epochs of art. He takes some getting used to. We started out calling him the World’s Most Emphatic Art Historian. Once we saw more, it became Wally the Angry Hobbit. With affection.

It was in his series on the Renaissance that I was introduced to Bernard Palissy.

His pottery is filled with lizards, snakes, and frogs, often molded from specimens.

The symbolism is intended to remind us we are all born of sin. Well, you know, Renaissance. He lived a long and interesting life, dying in the Bastille at the age of 80. He totally deserves a biopic. For now, we can just admire his art.

As some of you know, I’ve been recovering from surgery for the past month, and it has seriously screwed with my usual pre-Halloween schedule. On the other hand, we’re moving house soon (don’t know where yet), so no decorating this year. I wasn’t supposed to buy anything, but…well…have you seen those mirror bats at Target? End result: weird Halloween. I have been making things for my Month of Spookdays, albeit slowly.

This week’s links start with something I got on one of my few, careful, recovery outings. Enjoy, and have a great weekend.

Their website doesn’t work, and I don’t see an online shop, but I love Two Charming Chix’s necklaces.

Betsy Youngquist. Via Colossal.

Mr. & Mrs. Halloween list over 70 scary movies for the season, and have a free calendar PDF for planning your marathon.

Miscreation Toys

If you’re near New Hope, PA, stop by the Creeper Gallery so I can live vicariously through you.

PixelOccult is the shop of James Brothwell of Portland, Oregon.

Sinking Wasteland Tarot

He has two decks in his Etsy shop, both so gorgeous I couldn’t feature just one.

The Sinking Wasteland Tarot is his post-apocalyptic vision. Toxic waters threaten his wasted world, which took him about two years to create.

Neon Moon Tarot

The Neon Moon Tarot is another sci-fi deck, this time with a cyberpunk theme.

Like the Sinking Wasteland deck, James aims for diversity in ethnicity and body type.

His bright, limited color palette evokes a vibrant, twisted future. I’d love to have both of these decks on my shelf.