Link Dumps of Doom

As some of you know, I’ve been recovering from surgery for the past month, and it has seriously screwed with my usual pre-Halloween schedule. On the other hand, we’re moving house soon (don’t know where yet), so no decorating this year. I wasn’t supposed to buy anything, but…well…have you seen those mirror bats at Target? End result: weird Halloween. I have been making things for my Month of Spookdays, albeit slowly.

This week’s links start with something I got on one of my few, careful, recovery outings. Enjoy, and have a great weekend.

Their website doesn’t work, and I don’t see an online shop, but I love Two Charming Chix’s necklaces.

Betsy Youngquist. Via Colossal.

Mr. & Mrs. Halloween list over 70 scary movies for the season, and have a free calendar PDF for planning your marathon.

Miscreation Toys

If you’re near New Hope, PA, stop by the Creeper Gallery so I can live vicariously through you.

This Sunday, I have my monthly meeting with the local haunters group. It’s supposed to be the last meeting before the haunt season begins, but I think we’re already there. My social media is starting to flood with prop-building posts. The Halloween boards are already full of “when do you start decorating?”

My Halloween will be small-scale this year. We will likely be in the middle of moving house, so I’m hardly going to build for a yard I’ve never seen. I do plan on making things for a Month of Spookdays. I’ve been doing a lot of portraits lately for a sekrit project. Perhaps for October I will paint something monstrous.

I kinda want to try this. Via Art of Darkness.

Scorpion Pie from Eat the Dead. Possibly also via Art of Darkness? Don’t remember, and didn’t put it in the right folder.

Hallmark Keepsake ornaments for 2018

Magma Mandrake Specimen Box from Burned Raven Tales. They also have curio boxes, which is a wonderful concept. I may have to make one.

Miss Havisham’s Curiosities carries all sorts of unusual teacups. I encourage a browse.

It is a fine, cool morning here in Maryland, and promises to be a fine, hot day later. I am not a Halloweeniac who eschews summer. Summer is a time of anticipation. If we had Halloween year round, it would become ordinary. For me, Halloween prep starts in August. Just a few short days away!

I don’t normally go for playing cards, but I couldn’t resist pitching in on this Kickstarter:

The Halloween Deck

A couple of coins popped up this week. I wish the bat coin weren’t $100!

$20 bat coin for just under $100 US. Wait, wat?

Lovecraftian R’lyeh Coin. Via Propnomicon

Why didn’t I know about this? The first book by a favorite author. *grabby paws*

Happy Friday the 13th!  My mother was seriously wigged out about the number 13. She had her reasons. Of course, being a horrible child, that gave me more reason to embrace it. Like I needed one.

Today’s first link is via my friend Myra, who frequently drags in the carcasses of interesting things and leaves them at my feet as gifts. Good kitty.

Hidden mothers in Victorian photography. I’m feeling an antiquing trip coming on.

Ravelry: Bats in the Night Sky Beanie

Mary Doodles paints a raven in a night sky. I could watch these all day. If you don’t have facebook, look her up on Youtube.

Small Town Monsters is a production company dedicated to local legends

Sugar Spooks showcases the scariest sugar, chocolate, and cake work

It’s a lovely morning. The lizards are excited because one of them will get to go outside. The studio is full of tiny, resin-dipped skulls, and life is good. I hope these links make your day better.

How did I not know about this? I follow the guy for his cartoons. Also, it’s gonna be a movie.

The Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum. Sometimes I wish I lived in SoCal. Photo credit: Horror Explorers.

New Addams Family animated movie coming

I’ve probably linked Chad Savage’s ShopSinister before. Well, here are some pins. Because.

Happy belated birthday to my sister, Ivy. Her birthday is either on the 21st or the 24th. She had the temerity to birth her first son within 3 days of her own birthday, so now I can never remember which day is which, no matter how many times she tells me. There’s a package on the way. No, really.

The Creeping Museum (with a physical, if small, location in Portland, Oregon

Jenna Barton’s Mysterious Critters

London Necropolis Railway

The Seashell Graves of Comfort Cemetery

Skull Drawer Knobs from Catacomb Culture

How To Make Friends With A Ghost. Favorite treats are kinda gross.