All posts for the month March, 2022

I was wondering what to do with this little engraver I have, when I came up with these necklaces. They are fast and fun to make, so I made a bunch. Yep, that’s my signature skull up front.

So will there be an online shop again? Not until after Springoween, and then, not on Etsy. I figure if a site frustrates me as a buyer (and oh, it does), then I probably shouldn’t sell there. Shop will likely be right here.

Yep, I know the crow looks weird.

Time to liven this place up! I’ve applied to sell at Springoween, held by Red Vein Haunted House, on April 30. I’ll have lots of goodies to share, including something I’m pretty proud of: Hallorunes! Halloween oracle stones. I’ll be giving free readings in the booth, while the Spousal Unit handles the mathy stuff.

I’ll be posting more sale items over the next few weeks.