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Today’s links begin with a “how did I not know about this?”  I adore the concept, and the archives have some wonderfully strange stuff.

Annual Halloween film festival beginning October 1

Remotely activate haunt scares, watch the results! I don’t know if this actually works yet, since no haunts are open.

If you are near Canton, OH, you are a lucky monster

Horrific mugs by Dethskulpt

Custom spooky clothing by House of Goth

Do you like to listen to scary stories? Chilling Tales for Dark Nights has you covered.

Dark Balaur makes beautiful laser-cut items for witches, and the witchy, at Pandora Witch Shop.  When I first saw his stuff, I thought it was gorgeous, but I was suspicious, because there is so much art theft out there. So I tracked down the artist, Ksenia Svincova, and made sure it was legit. Indeed, she has been working with the shop for some time, so it’s all on the up-and-up.

Morticia Addams Book of Shadows, $85

Morticia Addams Book of Shadows, $85

Pandora Ouija Board, $50

Zodiac, Cancer, Book of Shadows, $100

Gold Sun Wheel of the Year, $35

Baphomet Spirit Board, $80



Today’s special theme: Halloween radio!

It’s time (okay, way past time for some of us) to be getting in the Halloween spirit. Here are a bunch of different alternatives for your listening pleasure.

Radionomy has a number of options for your Halloween listening

Jango starts with a selection from Little Shop of Horrors

Accuradio has a good mix

Halloween Radio is dedicated to Our People

Slacker’s Halloween Party station is all about the rock.

Streema has a number of Halloween stations, but this is my fave

Haunted Radio is year-round Halloween news and other treats

Pop Halloween off the beaten path

Classics plus

tap tap

Is this thing on? Good. May I have your attention, horrors and fiends. I have an exciting announcement to make.

Well, it’s exciting to me.

I have made a new thing: Web Wraiths. It celebrates the style of the horror web from the beginning to the early-mid 2000s. There are probably hundreds of link directories out there, with 98% dead links, and I am going through them, one by one, and digging up that which still lives.  Some are shambling zombies, some are shimmering ghosts. I love the hell out of them, and I hope you enjoy them, too.

From Elven Path. Don’t you want to find stuff like this?


I have a serious weakness for web surfing; the old-fashioned kind, where you find a list of links, follow them to their link lists, etc. I especially love doing this on ancient sites with tacky gifs, garish backgrounds, and midi files.  Sure, 90% of the links no longer exist, but sometimes you find the most delicious, creaky things.

Click on Free Games and play Ghostscape!

Meddybemps has a bunch of Halloween silliness.

I am so happy that this domain name is still occupied by a bunch of little prognosticators and games.

Remember those sites full of random, clickable gifs? Warning: you’ll have to highlight the text if you want to read it against those backgrounds.

Recipes, gifs, and a spooky “tour”–everything you could want! You will probably get midi download pops, because they no longer work inline. They are likely safe. Well, I’ve been enjoying them.

That’s enough for now, but trust me…I have more. So much more. I should start an Angelfire site.

One of my spooky dreams is to someday have a seance with full special effects. Unleash Your Dreams has the props to make it a reality. Everything they make is just beautiful. Much of it is PK (Psycho-kinetic…er…magnetic) reactive and ready to move, flicker, knock, and generally be magical.  The catalog is a little strange, but fun to browse through. Get a good look at many of the props from their Youtube videos.

Rapping Hand


Spirit Lamp