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For drawing class last week, we took off a shoe and drew it with colored pencils. I altered the colors, as my shoe was black. Knew I should’a worn my chucks. I decided to incorporate the drawing into a journal page.

28 feb 2013: Insole

I recorded one of those cool time-lapse videos for the page, but about an hour of it didn’t get recorded. Poo. And it was the good hour! So, no video.

28 feb 2013: Insole

The page starts with soft pastels. Followed up with a little stencil spraying.  I punched some squares from scrap paper for a border, and put a bit of gesso on them, then stamped them with a hand-carved stamp. The border is the one part of the page I really liked.

After that, pasting the shoe, and doodling mostly.

28 feb 2013: Insole

Not overjoyed with the page, but when I don’t like something, I tend to leave it as-is. It’s part of the learning process for me. My pens were frustrating me on the surface, so I ended up using things I didn’t want to use. *shrugs* It happens.

It Begins

It begins

Sorry about the lighting. It’s late, and I just wanted to get this up for posterity. I’ve got a big Halloween project this year (don’t I always?), and this is where I start. What you’re seeing is a large slab of pink insulating foam, cut into quarters. As we were checking out, the clerk patted the foam and said it was so pretty, it was a shame we couldn’t do something crafty with it. The Spousal Unit and I both smiled, and I explained that, in fact, this foam is going to become gravestones.  We then got off on a tangent about arts and crafts, and she showed us her great earrings and bracelet set she’d made from polyclay. I always love shooting the breeze with other creators!

Home stones

It’s been a long time since I was able to make stones. These are from 2006. Having a shop in the garage makes things ever so much easier, but honestly, that’s the only thing I miss about living in that oversized house. I will find a way to manage these pieces in our apartment. Though I’ll probably make a massive mess doing it! Eh, that’s what vacuum cleaners are for.

Though I plan on treating myself to a new hot wire knife, I’ll get going with the equipment I have. This year’s stones will be a bit more complex, as they will be hiding secrets! Shhh! Can’t tell.