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Last night was spent wandering the 6th annual Festival of the Skeletons at Bradenton’s Village of the Arts. Each artist in the village created a shrine to someone special. The main shrine was dedicated to Frida Kahlo. There were a couple of other Kahlo shrines, a few Lou Reeds, and many dedicated to family members.

In the slideshow at about 1 minute in, you’ll see some work by Tim Cuervo of Time Traveler Incognito. I want the skull with the hat.

The yard was a little lame this year, but I’m okay with that. We spent the last several years in apartments, so all my yard props were long gone. I’ll do better next year.

This was all for one family with three kids. But to their credit, everyone was dressed up–even the dog!

Next year I’m hoping for a graveyard to go with the scarecrows, and I need to hack those clowns so they are no longer sound activated. Sound activated is stupid.