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I like to sort things. I used to sort buttons, but most batches are just white shirt buttons. Boring! Also, my button collection became prodigious.

So now I get unsorted piles of jewelry. I sit and sort and untangle for hours. While most of the batch will be resold, I keep…well, let’s just say my jewerly collection is becoming prodigious.

Jack O’Lantern Halloween Ornaments , $20

Dead Daisy makes adorable and spooky plushies and paintings.

Poppy Pumpkin Ragdoll, $50

She has a kitty named Clover, who wears all sorts of Halloween costumes.

Clover Ghost Kitty Painting, $24
Clover Mummy Kitty Painting, $28

I couldn’t find much info on the artist, Abattisti21, so we’ll have to settle for her Etsy lovelies.

June and Gertie, $45

I know, I’ve been going on about the tarot, but this one has an expiration. Sort of.

One of my favorite artists, Stephanie Black of Creepy Kawaii, has a Kickstarter for her gorgeous new tarot.

The black and white images are mostly based on the Rider-Waite deck, and live up to Black’s spooky-cute aesthetic.

Support the project at Kickstarter. If you’d like to buy other adorable things, check out Creepy Kawaii, and be sure to follow her on Facebook.

The other thing I bought at Bazaar was this lovely Halloween Tarot, by Kipling West.

Based on the Rider-Waite deck, it features suits of Pumpkins, Bats, Ghosts, and Imps.

Every card features an adorable black kitty. Sometimes he’s hard to spot. It was fun to go through the deck and play ‘find the cat.’

The Halloween Tarot is available a bunch of places. Just do a search and pick your favorite. If you’d like more of West, check out her ouija boards, and her Facebook page.

The Halloween Path

I’ve featured artwork from Denise a couple of times on Spooky Moon, in part because her website is called Spooky Moon Art.

Witch Potions

Rarely have I seen spooky mix with charming so successfully.

Owl Moon
Haunted House Portrait in Illinois

One of the coolest things she does is take your ordinary house, and make it haunted. Someday, when I’m not living in a too-ordinary townhouse…

You can purchase these original watercolors from Denise’s website. I found Halloween Path from her posting on the Halloween Folk Art Society group on Facebook–a group most of my readers will enjoy very much.

Pumpkin Tales