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I love these new molds! Two of them are boxes, which is always superior. I would have added details to the little pumpkin cottage, but see…the resin was not the best for this application. I used Let’s Resin 4-Hour Cure. It is very thick, and pretty much impossible to de-gas. So there are too many bubbles for me to put a ton of effort into it. But I loved doing the candy corn colors. I will be pouring these again in a more suitable resin. I think I need more contrast between orange and yellow, too.

And yes, I missed the yellow on the right-hand pumpkin. I thought it was a lid for something, so only needed the two colors. Oopsie.

Five resin pumpkins in candy corn colors.

Frog Box!

I am super pleased with this box. It’s two separate molds. The base box took quite a bit of resin, but is smooth and beautiful and full of possibilities. The frog was half-poured, and by the time I remembered I needed to finish him, I didn’t remember what I’d used originally. So I used leftover resin…which just happened to be from the box. I think he looks pretty great.

Orange resin box with a frog on top.
Orange resin box with frog on top.

I sculpted this Venus of Willendorf a year or so ago because I wanted to make a resin mold. I like ancient goddesses. Because she is in polyclay, the mold turned out less glossy than I wanted. Also, I needed to separate the head mold or she ended up with a flat top. Wasn’t sure how to fix those things then, but now I am. She’s getting a gloss coat, and a re-mold.

Because let’s face it, if the original makers had had glitter and mica powder, they would have used them.