Lisa Toms

Lisa Toms is a Spanish doll maker. She makes plenty of realistic stuff, but I’m more about the fantasy.

Fire Salamander (note: this is a fantasy critter–fire salamanders don’t look like this)

Baby Mandranimals

I cannot possibly love this fantasy possum more.

Possum Forest Spirit

She also does pet commissions.

Pancake the Rat

She designed enamel pins to fill her Etsy shop between doll sales.

Baby Mandranimal Pins

You can find Lisa’s work on deviantArt, Facebook, and Instagram.

Mini Dragon Spirit

Pygmy Griffin Chick

Dragon Spirit


Horka Dolls


Dolls were known for 30 thousand years. However, before they made their way into children’s hands as toys, they served magical and ritual purposes for adults. They were objects of cult, amulets, fetishes, tools that served to accomplish specific goals. They protected, healed and cared about their owner but could also become causes of misfortunes and illnesses. Using dolls, people could connect to the spirits of their ancestors or to their gods, they participated in magical rituals to aid daily life and bring bad luck to enemies.

In my work, I refer to these original doll roots. I look for inspiration in fairy tales and legends, folk tales and amazing stories in which the fantastic world, full of invisible beings, permeates the visible world of people, animals and plants. That is why Horka Dolls dolls are not quite animals and not exactly people, though they are created in their likeness.


Horka Dolls are peculiar things with soul, surreal beings that join elements of realism and fiction and because of this evoke extreme feelings, from awe to fear. They are a kind of homunculi or golems, where in lifeless matter a seemingly human particle of life lies enchanted.



I hang a heart on the button. It is in that moment when a doll is born. Then I sit still and gaze at it for as long as it takes until it reveals its name in a whisper.