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I have a good excuse: we had a beardie in the hospital. Our girl Portia had a prolapse we couldn’t fix after her last clutch (infertile–we are not breeding her). Turns out, that wasn’t all that was wrong. She had a terrible downturn, and we rushed her to a hospital in Tampa, an hour away. She had egg yolk peritonitis, a condition from which few beardies recover. We expected to say goodbye. The tough little bugger thwarted those expectations by getting better. She was in the hospital for a almost a week. We brought her home Friday so she could get stronger in a more comfortable place. Some time this week, she goes in for surgery, so we’re still not out of the woods.

Think happy beardie thoughts for us. Blogging will resume when my nerves have settled.

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So I noticed…

…that for the past two weeks, the newsletter says it’s being sent, but I haven’t received anything. This is the second time a newsletter program has failed me. It’s disappointing. Even though I only have a few subscribers, I really enjoyed how MailPoet worked, and I think it produced a lovely email.

Unfortunately, this is too much stress for too little payoff, so I am discontinuing the newsletter.

There are two best ways to keep up with me, if you don’t use an RSS reader.

1. On Facebook, Like the Spooky Moon page, and on the Like drop-down, choose Get Notifications. You will get one update per day with the latest post, and occasionally a few extras that are exclusive to Facebook.

2. On Twitter, you have two options:

Follow Spooky Moon, and you will get only new posts. It is automated, and I’m never on that account, so don’t reply to anything.  Oops! That isn’t really updating. Sorry!

Follow me, Cat Winterfox (frykitty). You will get Spooky Moon updates, as well as new post notifications on my other sites, frytopia, The Daily Worm, and fogbound. I don’t use Twitter much, but I do check my notifications.

Sorry to abandon what I felt was a neat feature, but if it’s not going to work, it gets kicked to the curb.



So I was going to revive Spooky Moon. Then I wasn’t. Then I had insomnia on September 30. It seemed to be an opportunity.

I’ve imported last year’s Halloween stuff from frytopia. This year, you’ll get to see me build a Dark Carnival, and work on other spooky (and maybe not so spooky) things.

Here’s to being a little creepy all year long.