Link Dumps of Doom

Beethoven’s birthday should be a holiday. I’m baking a cake. I encourage you to eat cake, as well, as you enjoy this week’s links:

Insainment uploads old horror mags, like this issue of World of Horror from 1972. You may need a free account. Issuu is cool.

Pushin’ Daisies Mortuary Novelty Shop. You can get a hearse stick pin, too.

 Some very nice cinematic horror music from Christ Haigh

An “all things spooky” site that looks like a Web Wraith, but is actually current.

Short n Scary Stories

The folks from the movie Haunters find off-season spooky things for you to do.


The weather here is cold and bright, and I have been spending most of my days outdoors. Why, you ask? Do you love the cold? Not so much, though it’s not a big deal. What l absolutely love, adore, am over-the-moon about, is the lack of mosquitoes. Every time I think about going outside in the summer, I have to consider how much I want to spray myself with horrible-smelling crap from head to toe. Because if I don’t, I attract every f*ing skeeter in three counties. So yes, the mosquitoes are dead, and I am celebrating by exploring parks and hunting Pokemon.

Enjoy the links. By the time you read this, I’ll be stealing someone’s gym.

Matthew Kirscht

Kris Miners makes adorable cards and pins, many of them Halloween themed.

Halloween Show at Boardwalk Empire next May. Road Trip!

Underworld Tales brings you spooky stories.

Sinister Visions. A design firm that understands you.

Killer Pumpkins, the art of John Pelico

Gothic Revival sources gently used clothes dark dressers.

Omulamps does Beetlejuice. They also have a Hellraiser lamp.

Today’s links begin with a “how did I not know about this?”  I adore the concept, and the archives have some wonderfully strange stuff.

Annual Halloween film festival beginning October 1

Remotely activate haunt scares, watch the results! I don’t know if this actually works yet, since no haunts are open.

If you are near Canton, OH, you are a lucky monster

Horrific mugs by Dethskulpt

Custom spooky clothing by House of Goth

Do you like to listen to scary stories? Chilling Tales for Dark Nights has you covered.

tap tap

Is this thing on? Good. May I have your attention, horrors and fiends. I have an exciting announcement to make.

Well, it’s exciting to me.

I have made a new thing: Web Wraiths. It celebrates the style of the horror web from the beginning to the early-mid 2000s. There are probably hundreds of link directories out there, with 98% dead links, and I am going through them, one by one, and digging up that which still lives.  Some are shambling zombies, some are shimmering ghosts. I love the hell out of them, and I hope you enjoy them, too.

From Elven Path. Don’t you want to find stuff like this?


I have a serious weakness for web surfing; the old-fashioned kind, where you find a list of links, follow them to their link lists, etc. I especially love doing this on ancient sites with tacky gifs, garish backgrounds, and midi files.  Sure, 90% of the links no longer exist, but sometimes you find the most delicious, creaky things.

Click on Free Games and play Ghostscape!

Meddybemps has a bunch of Halloween silliness.

I am so happy that this domain name is still occupied by a bunch of little prognosticators and games.

Remember those sites full of random, clickable gifs? Warning: you’ll have to highlight the text if you want to read it against those backgrounds.

Recipes, gifs, and a spooky “tour”–everything you could want! You will probably get midi download pops, because they no longer work inline. They are likely safe. Well, I’ve been enjoying them.

That’s enough for now, but trust me…I have more. So much more. I should start an Angelfire site.

Happy Friday, my spooksters! St. Augustine is not only the first permanent European settlement in the US, it’s a cool, quirky place. We only had a few hours when we drove through on our way from Sarasota to Rockville, so of course the one place I chose to visit was the wax museum.

Just look at that handsome fella!

If you can visit, do! But I digress. The first link today I found not an hour ago in my Facebook feed. Enjoy, and have a spooky weekend!

Taxidermy Automata by Mark Mills

Halloween Haul culture. I totally get this.

Map of Home Haunters for 2017

Vintage Halloween – vintage style goodies, including lots of Johanna Parker

Fiesta’s Halloween Ware. I’ll take one of each, please.

Lesley Bannatyne writes many things about Halloween

The story of Wanda, the tilting board starts off our spooky links this week.  I’ve have long been fascinated with seances, and the paraphernalia used to “contact the spirits.” This is a great example.

Wanda the tilting board

Grafton Pottery

Janice Muncaster has allowed Kieran Crowder to use the ashes of her parents, Noreen and Norman Craik.

Kieran Crowder makes art from the dead

Creepy Creations by Jamie Moore

Creepy Creations by Jamie Moore

The Halloween Collector keeps a fascinating blog on vintage collectibles.

Lastly, it’s not spooky, but we simply must celebrate the birth of the composer of Christmas’ most virulent earworm properly:






Dead Angels by Peter Callessen

Goth ice cream. Charcoal flavored?

Skull Flower Pot. Not sure why they say “hand carved” when it’s clearly resin cast. But still cool.

Spirit Board installation at San Francisco Airport

Museum of Death

Hail Dark Aesthetic. Like an Obscura in Kentucky.

The Dolls of Chernobyl

A Grave of Secrets

Photographing the last of the drive-ins.

Mini Graveyard Kit