gar 08

It’s done! And I was really bad about taking pics of the process on the last two. Boo.

Here’s the “haunted” flag. Stamp by Rubber Stamps of America.

gar 04

gar 07

Now that I think of it, the doodles should have been windy and snakey. But oh well, I like it as is.

Here’s the “eerie” flag, stamp by Hampton Art, from Rare Oddities 2:

gar 05

gar 06

I started out wanting to match the charms to the flag, but the only owl charm I have is cartoony, so no dice. I really wanted to use the wolf, anyway.

And there they are together:

gar 02

I think it looks pretty impressive. I puzzled over what to use to connect them. I didn’t have any ribbon that worked well enough. Finally, I used some of the fabric from the “Scary” flag. I think it’s just right. This may be one of my favorite projects ever.

gar 03



scf 07

Next I started on the adorable batty, using an old Studio G stamp.

scf 01

Oh, these doodles are so much better. The bat gets a little Lumiere. I’ll be spreading that love around.

scf 02

A gold moon, and little purple dots on the doodling.

scf 03

Blue-violet beads go on many of the little buds.

scf 04

Scary goes on, then some bugle beads. Yeah, they’re crooked. I’m okay with that.

scf 05

And naturally, a little bat charm from my stash. This one went pretty quickly, and I felt like I had a clearer direction than usual. Two more to go!

scf 06

df 07

Mistakes were made.

So I figured I could do the rest of the flags in a production line.

df 01

Don’t worry. That’s not the part that went wrong.

df 02

I started on the candle flag (Inkadinkado, Nevermore). It was the doodle. It had boxes and colored dots of different sizes and it was obnoxious and clown-like. I hated it, and I’m only a little sorry I didn’t take pictures.  I knew it had gone horribly wrong, and I forgot about the camera as I got involved in fixing things.

Lots of paint followed. At first, I put in blocks of black, covering some of the dots. Nope, that was worse. Then I covered almost everything in black, then added a layer of pearl (this is all Lumiere). That was better. Then three more coats of pearl covered everything. Then more paint. More! More!

df 03

I even re-painted the lace because the contrast was off. Some of the blocks and dots are still visible, but now they add texture rather than making me think of tiny, overcrowded cars.

df 05

This one is a bit different from the others. Lots more shimmer with the paint. I skipped adding beads, because it had enough shine, and parts of the lace are bead-like. It went from something I hated to something I loved. I think I need more Lumiere paints, because they are a blast.

df 06

cf 05

Maybe I’ll do the whole garland, maybe I won’t, but I at least have two flags done.

cf 01

Started by laying out some paisley fabric and some pretty orange lace. They got attached with fusible interfacing, and sewed on the top edge.

cf 02

The pumpkin is from the My Mind’s Eye Lost & Found Halloween set.  After I’d filled that in some, I started doodling.

cf 03

At about this point I realized there was nothing spooky about the flag. Fixed that.

cf 08

To bring out the pumpkin more, I used Lumiere’s Halo Pink-Gold and Metallic Russet.

cf 04

This time I distressed the edge with a mix of Neopaque Brown and Lumiere Russet, heavily watered. I like it much better. The edge was sewn, and the spiders given a bit of dimension with beads. After the beads were done, the back got covered in fabric.

cf 06

Finally, a spider charm with a couple of beads attached to the bottom.

This went a lot faster than yesterday’s flag. I think I’m getting the hang of it. So to speak.

cf 07





sf 12

sf 01

I think it was some kit subscription I dumped long ago that sent me this garland kit from Maya Road. It includes six canvas flags. They are nice and heavy, and pre-grommeted. I thought I’d make a garland! We’ll see how that turned out.

sf 02

I wanted to use these Tulip Fabric Markers that I got when I was on a fabric painting kick. I grabbed a piece of muslin close in color to the flags, and did a swatch test. These are gorgeous and bright, and as long as there aren’t a lot of solid areas, they stamp well. Also, they don’t usually bleed.

sf 03

You can only see a bit of my table, but lemme tell ya, half of my studio is on it. I grabbed stamps and ribbons and lace and charms…anything I thought might be nice on the garland.  I chose some fabric, lace, a charm, and a stamp from Craftsmart. I stamped on paper first, so I could decide on placement.

sf 04

Fabric is down with fusible interfacing, stamp is stamped. I grundged things up a bit, and started doodling paisleys.

sf 06

I had planned to get away with no sewing, but the flag cried out for it. I’ve added some color to the paisleys and the skull, and run around the red fabric and the entire flag a few times on the machine. Next, I used a Hampton Art letter set to add some text, and sewed around that, too.

sf 07

A few more details on the paisleys. I decided the skull wasn’t standing out enough, so I added some Lumiere Pearl White. Of course, I took the picture before I added the paint, because I am a genius.

sf 08

A few beads were required. I took out the red delicas from the last project and highlighted the red paisleys.

sf 09

To cover my many sins on the back of the flag, I attached some cool fabric with fusible interfacing.

sf 10

Last, a grommet on the bottom, a jump ring, and red beads to highlight the skeleton charm.  The cord is just for taking pictures. I may or may not make this into a garland later.

See, this took me all morning. Like allll morning, so I decided one flag was good enough for today’s project. I love this, and I’m thinking six like it would be pretty cool, but that’s for later.

sf 13

sf 11