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Not gonna go all Hallovember this year, but I admit I am still decorating the inside of the house. Halloween tends to take the wind out of my sails as far as spooky decorating goes, but I wasn’t going to spend another year with my beautiful decorations sitting in bins.

So here’s the first bit:


I always tell myself I don’t need to organize things by type, but it happens anyway. This is Skull Island, all lit up.


Here are just the LEDs, with a phantasm light.  I had a little fun with my Silhouette Cameo and some black vinyl. That is fun.

I’ll keep poking at this bit by bit, until we have a couple of very spooky rooms to enjoy.




I am torn. Once again, most of my decorations are laying in piles about the house, uncombobulated.  It’s better than last year, because I spent all my time building really cool shit for the yard.  I’d still like to enjoy the decorations for a few weeks, but on the other hand, I’m kinda burned out.

I think I’ll do this: today, I recover from the six trick-or-treaters we had. Tomorrow, I have a date with a friend to look for art in the woods.  After that, I shall decide. At the very least, I leave out most of the pumpkins, as they’re very autumn-appropriate. I’ve always wanted to do fall decorations between Halloween and Christmas. Hmmm…

Foyer in the day.

Foyer in the day.

Foyer at night

Foyer at night

Ray when the lights went out

Ray when the lights went out