19 comments on “A Month of Spookdays Prequel: A Dream of Halloween Cards

  1. Grandma would not understand the Halloween thing, but she would think your contest was just fine, and oddly enough, she would have sounded just like you explaining it.

    So I’m related, do I qualify?


    • If you sent the card to Grandma, I would totally steal it, ‘cuz she’s way dead, and can’t stop me.

  2. OMG – that is so funny. Just this morning I was thinking I should send you a Halloween card. And now if I do it, I might get something cool from your spooky workshop. Right-o!

  3. Hell yes I’m down for this! I love getting stuff in the post. Even random little notes with no context.
    Also this totally gives me a legitimate excuse to do craft when I have an essay due.
    Procrastination ftw.

  4. I just found your blog through a rabbit trail that started on Twitter. You never know where the interwebs will take you! I’d like to play, also, if I may.

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