5 comments on “Happy Halloween!

  1. I. In northern Ontario Canada, and it’s cold and rain, last year there was snow, so door to door has been re directed in doors, fire stations, house gatherings….
    My grandsons visited and the party was on! We had one little boy, so filled his bag , and thought how sad this tradition has changed as well!
    You home is cozy and welcoming indeed!

    • It must be pretty difficult to build a costume around a snow suit. 😉 I’ve become such a hermit in my dotage. I used to throw parties all the time! Sounds like fun, and you can always make the munchkins work for it, even indoors, with games and challenges. I have a bag of hollow plastic pumpkins (that I’ll probably do something with this month) that are made for Halloween hunts.

  2. My part of the neighborhood stink where we live. Nobody decorated or handed out candy except us. It is really disappointing that people are ruining the holiday for grownups and kids. I want to find somewhere to moved that is more fun on holidays :-).

    • Yeah, FL is not great, though it’s getting better. When the Spousal Unit looks at jobs, the first thing I think is, oh, better Halloweens there!

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