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Artisans Co-Op

I have become a Founding Member of the Artisans Cooperative, an Etsy alternative run and owned by artisans, which will be launching in October of this year. Right now, you can go to the site and visit the current shops of the members. Well, not me, as my Etsy has about three items, and I don’t want to give them business.

I’m excited about it, and not entirely because the domain ends in “coop” and the logo is an adorable chicken, but it is a point in their favor.

Because of this, I have been contemplating what I want in my shop. I’ve been thinking about what I’d want to see if I walked into a physical Spooky Moon, perhaps with “Gothic, Ghostly, and Enchanted” on the door in fancy gold script.

Below is a work in progress–some little boxes with vintage Halloween imagery. I love them, and I think they work. I think there’s a place for sparkly goddesses, and maybe even other replicas of ancient art.

Rusty Pins fit well, so I’m not ditching my entire previous inventory. I’d like some sparkly fantasy critters. Some skulls. Some ghosts. I want lots of things most people can afford, and a few things that are more aspirational.

If it were a physical shop (oh, my dreams), I would want an atmosphere of dark magic. It would feel like the soundtrack for Edward Scissorhands.

A box lid with a vintage Halloween postcard saying "Halloween: Ye Ghosts abound, Your mate you've seen, Your fate is found, on Hallowe'en."
Inside of the above box, featuring gothic paper, a clay jackolantern, and a bat on the front.

Considering my chosen soundtrack and the launch date, perhaps I need some spooky holiday ornaments? I can do that.

What else?