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Remember this? Yes, this is the original blingkin. It showed up everywhere after I posted this. Without credit, of course. Such is the internet. Rather proud of starting a trend.

The update is expected: it has long since lost all of its pretties, and has met the dumpster. This was in 2011, and I only got rid of it a few years ago, so it had a very good run.

A black craft pumpkin covered with large, clear rhinestones in a pretty pattern.

Artisans Coop is an online marketplace for ONLY for handmade items, run by its member artists and supporters. I’m a founding member and volunteer, so I get to see the workings. It really is what it says on the package. No outside investors we’re beholden to, no megalomaniac billionaires at the helm. Just us. Just artists and people who love them.

And yep, I have a shop there. With permission from the Countdown, I’ll be featuring shop items on the blog during October. And after October.

I’ve even added a shop page here, so you can look things over in Spooky Moon style.

Right now, it’s all brooches, so today’s item is my Red Skull Brooch (no, not that Red Skull. It’s just a red skull).

Brooch with with a ceramic skull sporting red swirls, including rusty and dangly bits.

Tell everyone! Tell your dog! Tell your gecko! You could tell your cat, but they probably won’t care.

Closeup of four beaded halloween bracelets.

I love these bracelets so much! Every time I look at them, I want to make a dozen more. Except one more bead wide, because even-count peyote is easier. I don’t know that I’ll ever sell them. For one, I love them. For two, peyote stitch is slow work, and I’d have to charge $$.

Also, happy Countdown to Halloween! Always a good way to kick off my birthday month. The Spousal Unit insists I don’t have a whole month, but c’mon, my birthday is at the beginning, and my favorite holiday is at the end. And let’s face it, I’m gonna be buying myself gifts all month.

Four beaded Halloween bracelets on a spooky skeleton paper.

Frog Box!

I am super pleased with this box. It’s two separate molds. The base box took quite a bit of resin, but is smooth and beautiful and full of possibilities. The frog was half-poured, and by the time I remembered I needed to finish him, I didn’t remember what I’d used originally. So I used leftover resin…which just happened to be from the box. I think he looks pretty great.

Orange resin box with a frog on top.
Orange resin box with frog on top.