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I don’t think I ever shared this when I made it, because it would have been a letterboxing spoiler. Letterboxers, especially in the PNW, love gatherings. After I’d moved to Florida in 2015, some friends back home requested I make a special box for their Halloween event. This would not be planted in the woods like most boxes, but shared at the table during the event. I got a notification that it was shared just recently, which made me so happy! I figure eight years on, I’m safe to share it here.

Large, evil book from the top, sporting a pentagram with skulls at the points.
Closeup of evil book.

I loved making this thing so much. This might be the first time I used Verday Metal Paint, which is still available from Sandra Evertson. Love this stuff.

Screaming Grimoire contains FOUR magical items of great power. Choose wisely.
Six corroded coffins nestled inside the book.

The book contained six coffin boxes…but only four had stamps in them. The other two had screamers. I wonder if the batteries are still good?